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5 Simple Methods for Landing Your First Side Hustle Client

At first glance, obtaining your first client may appear to be an extremely difficult task to complete. You will, however, be able to get the ball rolling on your side hustle if you put in the effort to improve your talents and learn how to market yourself as someone who can bring value to other people’s enterprises.

In order to help you get your first paying client, we’ve put together a list of 5 simple tactics to follow:

Inform your friends about the situation.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions. If you have genuine friends, they will be delighted to assist you, and if they believe in you and your abilities, they will be delighted to spread the news about you. If you have friends who are well-connected, you should solicit their assistance. They could be able to put you in touch with your very first client!

Distribute flyers across your neighborhood.

Yes, this technique is still effective. And this is especially useful if you’re providing services to a small geographic area. In the case of dog walking services, for example, you can distribute leaflets across your neighborhood to generate interest. Look for bulletin boards in your neighborhood. Don’t forget to include your name and phone number on your flyer as well!

Make use of social media to promote your business.

Despite the fact that advertising on social media can be expensive, doing so will be well worth your while if you demand a high price for your services. And one of the most advantageous aspects of social marketing is that you may drill down into your target demographic. You are not restricted to only targeting folks in your immediate vicinity. In fact, you can reach out to almost anyone on the planet who has a social media account on that particular social media platform!

Create a blog to document your experiences.

Blogging is an excellent approach to demonstrate your knowledge and skills. Potential clients can quickly determine whether or not you are worth the price you are quoting. In addition to using your blog as a platform to attract new clients, you can monetize it in a variety of ways to supplement your income. Starting with your blog, you can recommend things that you’re linked with and earn commissions from. Every time someone makes a purchase after clicking on your affiliate link, you receive a great commission!

Make a personal business card for yourself.

Your company appears more real and not just like some fly-by-night operation when you have your own business card. Attend conferences and seminars and make connections with other professionals in your field. Make sure to hand out your business card to ensure that folks may quickly contact you if they require your assistance.